"Secrets & Liars" gives us Brooklyn's "Pretty Little Liars"
by Jennifer Khedaroo
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Photo credit: Alex Schaefer
Photo credit: Alex Schaefer
Photo credit: Alex Schaefer
Photo credit: Alex Schaefer
With last week's summer finale of Freeform’s hit murder-mystery show, Pretty Little Liars, you may be wondering what are you going to do with your time. And if you’re crying into a carton of ice cream because of the announcement that Pretty Little Liars will air their final ten episodes next April, after a seriously long run, then you may want to put the spoon down for a minute.

Creators and actors, Ilana Michelle Rubin and Lana Schwartz, bring their own Brooklyn spin to their rendition of a Pretty Little Liars-like plot with their web series Secrets & Liars.

Pretty Little Liars, which follows five friends as they try to figure out a series of murders and the ultimate killer's identity, has cultivated a cult of fans worldwide.

And don't worry, Secrets & Liars somewhat follows the original series, down to the anonymous text messages and snapshots into the daily life of the crazy, mysterious stalker killer.

The easily available series was shot in hipster Williamsburg and features two millennials who have recently found out that their estranged childhood friend was murdered. Cue the immediate detective skills, or not, actually. Unlike Pretty Little Liars, which prides itself on being a rather complex drama, Secrets & Liars is a simple, delightful, suspenseful comedy.

Rubin and Schwartz play lazy, smartphone-loving millennials to perfection and the hilarious friends work incredibly well together. Their characters, and the apparent unawareness they have for others, are just the start.

Quotes like "Do you think the killer's killing?" had me stitched in laughter.

Through Secrets & Liars, we see what modern friendship looks like when you trust no one but your best friend and even she is still second to your beloved phone with its "helpful" apps.

We also see how the idea of social life has changed from the past. Going to a party is much more of a hassle and a chore, in order to save your social life, than it is to mingle and meet new people.

Rubin and Schwartz make fun of millennials in such a charmingly sarcastic way that you almost find it relatable to people in your own life.

While the plot is a relaxed attempt on an adult Pretty Little Liars, complete with only-beer parties and former high school flames who grow up nicely from their previous gawky state, the show is something that you will either love or loathe.

The characters, Tabitha and Frankie, are much more interested in watching TV and grabbing something to eat rather than dealing with the fact that there's a cold-blooded murderer on the loose with his (or her) eyes set on them.

Coming in at less than 10 minutes for each show, the episodes of Secrets & Liars are way too short for my taste, but who knows, there may be a second season. Especially with the cliffhanger they left us.

To check out the seven-episode series, visit www.nannerscomedy.com/web-series/.

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