Harsh realities
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Dear Editor,

Charges that some of Hillary Clinton's State Department staff took the Fifth Amendment and received immunity fails to convey the truth. Attorneys fearing for their clients will require immunity prior to their testifying to protect them.

Granting immunity to Clinton’s staff insured that those who received it would tell all. If not, they would forfeit the immunity and be prosecuted for perjury. Therefore the FBI findings that there was no basis for issuing criminal charges against Clinton was based upon the facts.

Donald Trump supporters will not accept this reality. Their reality believes Donald was a genius to take a billion dollar tax write-off. That tax relief permitted him to refund his personal wealth. All was and is legal.

What Trump avoids admitting is that the billion-dollar loss came at the expense, livelihood and future of thousands of businesses and small investors. While Trump regained millions with the tax loss others confronted closed businesses, employees without jobs and lost retirement funds.

Trump has no respect for anyone other than himself. He view is win at all costs and those damaged deserve where they find themselves.

That is why John McCain is not a hero and our service men and women suffering post-traumatic stress disorder are to him weak.


Ed Horn


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