Cue the circling vultures
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Some City Council members may have unwittingly voted themselves out of a job when they approved that controversial, but very hefty, 32 percent pay raise for themselves earlier this year.

And its not upset voting taxpayers that they have to fear.

No, all of sudden a posh job in the City Council is looking a lot more desirable if you're a career politician “slaving away” for chump change up in Albany.

A state legislator makes $79,500 a year, while a member of the City Council will now make close to twice that, $148,500 annually after they awarded themselves a pay hike.

On top of that, no more long commute up to Albany and the chance to have a much more direct role over city affairs.

Sure, City Council members have to deal with term limits, but if you're a long-serving member of the Albany regime who is nearing retirement anyway, why not cash in on that name recognition and all the goodwill you have built up in the district and see if you can't give yourself a pay raise over the last eight years of your career?

And according to published reports over the weekend, that's exactly what Democratic state senators Ruben Diaz of the Bronx and Bill Perkins of Harlem and Assemblyman Peter Abbate are all considering.

Some might view the move as a cynical cash grab, but the Post for one is on board with the idea, arguing the City Council would benefit from more experienced lawmakers instead of being the legislative body where first-time politicians get their start.

“The council members claimed the pay hike was all about getting better service for city residents,” the Post editorial board wrote. “It’s just delicious that they could be proved right — by being replaced.”

Of course, this new form of political musical chairs isn't sitting too well with some of those first-time politicians, who rely on the smaller districts in the City Council as compared to the bigger state district to help them kick-start their political careers through the opportunity of connecting with a smaller voting base.

One of those candidates is Republican Bob Capano, who would have to run against the Democrat Abbate in south Brooklyn if the assemblyman decided to make a run at the City Council seat.

“This is a cynical switch so Peter Abbate can feather his nest at taxpayer's expense,” Capano said in a release he sent out on Monday. “He has been on the taxpayers dime for 44 years, enough is enough!"

Are we witnessing a new trend in city politics? “Retiring” to a job in the City Council?

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