My Message to Jim Dolan: Bring Oak Home
by John Jastremski
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Over the last 17 years, the New York Knicks have had plenty of moments of dysfunction.

Last Wednesday may have taken the cake.

Where else would you see a former fan favorite arrested and escorted out of the building by security because of a fractured relationship with ownership.

Yep, only the Knicks.

Wednesday’s bizarre and unfortunate situation with former Knicks legend Charles Oakley was rock bottom for me as a Knicks fan.

Trust me, that’s saying something.

Seventeen years, one playoff series win, Isiah vs. Larry Brown, Phil vs. Melo, the feuds go on and on...

Why was Wednesday the worst?

Well, because James Dolan took on one of our own.

I grew up with the 90’s Knicks teams and they were one of my favorite teams to watch over the last 20-plus years of being a sports fan.

They were tough, they were gritty and even though they failed to deliver a championship, it was a group that represented New York perfectly.

They gave you their very best night after night after night.

When can you say that about this current group - or any group - that James Dolan has had as Knicks owner.

I found it heartbreaking that Charles Oakley entered Madison Square Garden last week feeling uncomfortable because he had the guts to speak his mind and the truth about the current state of affairs.

It’s beyond petty that Dolan has made Oakley feel uncomfortable and has doubled down with an unreasonable character assassination, where he has called the former Knick a “safety risk” to fans and an alcoholic.

To make those sort of claims with zero factual evidence is completely unacceptable.

James Dolan claims he wants to have great relations with former Knick alums, it’s time to right a wrong.

Please, end this charade.

Acknowledge the fact that you have been fighting an unwinnable P.R. battle in trying to take on one of the most popular Knicks of the last 20 years.

Realize that regardless of Oakley’s behavior last Wednesday, he is royalty in this town and should be treated accordingly.

Let bygones be bygones and do everything in your power to get back in the good graces of Knicks fans.

Bring Charles Oakley to center court like you did with Latrell Spreewell a week ago, give him his standing ovation, be the bigger man and maybe, just maybe, the Knicks can focus on the task at hand.

Not winning a ridiculous P.R. battle, but winning basketball games.

I know, what a concept?

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