The real problem
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Dear Editor,

Here we go again with another bill of so-called "criminal justice reform" by Councilman Rory Lancman.

Lancman bemoans that the 90 percent of arrestees for fare evasion in 2017 were black of Latino. They faced a criminal record, time on Rikers Island, or deportation for immigrants.

But Lancman is again playing the stale race card, assuming that the enforcement is racial discrimination just because the statistics indicate that people of color are predominate offenders.

No such conclusion is a sound statistical inference from fare evasion data, but rather a bias of the liberal agenda to blame society for the social ills of autonomous individuals

Lancman wants to require more wasteful bureaucratic red tape by requiring the NYPD to report the race, gender, and age of arrestees. Lancman alleges the bill will prove his racial bias hypothesis.

However, the problem is miscreants breaking the law, and is neither the NYPD enforcing the law nor the criminal courts adjudicating the law.

Our biggest problem is Lancman, not the prosecution of criminal suspects in an "overzealous fare evasion enforcement." District 24 constituents had better closely scrutinize Lancman's record to see that it illustrates little of public safety benefit to this district or to the city at large.


Joseph N. Manago

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