On ICE: Real Need for Clear Immigration Policy
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Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is sowing seeds of distrust in the city's immigrant communities, and the end result is going to be a more dangerous New York City for all.

As talented as the police force is, they are often only as good as their information and their sources.

Take a crackdown on the violent street gang MS-13, that’s been terrorizing parts of Long Island, with some bloodshed spilling over to Queens.

How are police supposed to investigate the group if nobody from the community is willing to talk? How are they supposed to identify the major players or where gang members like to frequent without cooperation from associates or relatives, who now must fear deportation?

Law enforcement is dependent on that cooperation, which they are not going to get from undocumented individuals scared to leave their house or enter a government building.

There also needs to be clearer guidelines, decided on a local basis, as to what charges could bring about immigration enforcement and where federal authorities are allowed to enter the picture.

If an individual is going to meet with police or go to court to testify in a case that could put a violent criminal behind bars, they shouldn’t have to fear being ripped apart from their family.

The current system of local, state and federal government warring over a set of standards while undocumented immigrants sit in limbo is simply not working for anybody, the police, the community and the undocumented individuals who are looking to do the right thing.

It’s hard to do things by the book when the book keeps being rewritten. Come up with a compromise or let local governments decide what’s best when it comes to immigration policy.

Right now, there’s no clear directive and our communities are less safe.
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