Failed bombing takeaway: stay vigilant
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If there is one thing we should take away from a Brooklyn man's failed attempt to detonate a bomb in a Times Square subway station this week is that we need to all remain vigilant.

Sometimes it's easy to forget that New York City is still a top target for terrorists. We easily overlook that fact given the top-notch job the NYPD does at keeping the city safe.

But while law enforcement excels at thwarting terrorist groups planning large-scale attacks, there's little to nothing that can be done to stop the disgruntled lone wolf inspired by international terrorist to carry out attacks with almost no warning signs,

That goes for the failed bombing this week, as well as the truck attack on a bike path in Manhattan on Halloween.

We're sure that anyone with a family member who commutes to Manhattan for work was shaken to hear the news that a bomb went off in in a subway station during the morning rush. Thankfully, the only person who was seriously hurt was the bomber himself, but it's not hard to imagine how it could have been much, much worse.

It seems likely that attacks like these, unfortunately, will become more and more prevalent. They won't bring with them the large-scale destruction of an event like 9/11, but they won't be any less devastating in their own way.

Enjoy the holiday season and all the great things that come with it when you live in New York City, but be sure to keep your head about you and stay on the lookout for anything suspicious.

The well-being of all of us could depend on it.
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