Waking up
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Dear Editor,

In February 15th issue, dispatcher Robert LaRosa claims supporters of Donald Trump need to "wake up.” They did, and so did a lot of Democrats on Election Day 2016.

Donald Trump won because establishment politicians of both parties weren't doing a damn thing about the issues of most importance. In this case, immigration and terrorism.

Virtually nothing had been done about either issue by both parties. So they went with an outsider not beholden to any party bosses, company policies or failed partisan strategies.

You condemn supporters of the president who profess that Americans must support him regardless of whether or not they voted for him. Funny, but as a Republican, during eight years of the Obama presidency, I was told much the same by Obama supporters.

I also recall vividly during campaign season and the two terms of Bill Clinton's presidency that his personal life, womanizing and extramarital affairs were not relevant to his political ambitions, ability to govern or respect for women.

Strange how many of his same defenders are quick to condemn Donald Trump for the same behavior.


Edward Riecks

Howard Beach

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Vietnam Veteran
February 23, 2018
I am ashamed of this President out of all the Presidents preceding him. I felt is if Russia took over Our Country without firing a shot. From the cast of characters assigned to the White house Campaign and staff, almost each one is questionable and can not attain clearance which is strange. Since elected the President has insulted families who lost their children in War. The President has insulted leaders of other nations. His tax bill as we all know now only benefits the rich. The President has lost more of his staff then past 25 Presidents in History. More indictments of his staff and former Campaign members. Sure there were many who didn't want Hillary as President, and yes Trump won the election. But at this point in time, with all the news we now know about, I do not understand how anyone can still supports this President with a clear mind.

Forget about his affairs, grouping women,etc..

As our commander in chief, he is a very poor and weak President. He has proven time and time again, to make promises and do the opposite. His tweets have proven to date that he is unstable, and far from being strong minded and a sane President.

He is a draft dodger which is a fact.

And if Mueller finds out that any crimes have been committed, and Trump, his staff, his children and son in law are indicted for Treason, Obstruction of Justice, or Collusion or all of the above, I wouldn't be surprised at all.

One thing is for sure, when and if Donald Trump is buried after passing away one day, he will have the biggest crowd in History for sure, pissing on his grave.