Forcing change
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Dear Editor,

As a father of an adopted son who died from a gun, the loss of any child tears at the heart.

The sudden onslaught of anguish at random moments makes the concept of closure ridiculous. I see the pain in the faces of my other children when memories take hold of what was and should be.

Gun advocates have had the power to end all common-sense reforms. The money of the NRA and the willing acceptance by the GOP to that sugar pot has preempted Congress from debating even modest reforms.

Donald Trump reversing Barack Obama-era restrictions on the availability of mentally ill people from acquiring a weapon is startling. The GOP refusal to prevent people on the No Fly List from being able to purchase a gun defies comprehension.

The question of why a victim has less rights than a gun advocate demands examination. What rational person believes a military assault rifle is needed for hunting or that our homes are so exposed to threat that a military-type preparedness is needed?

After decades reform seems inevitable. The amazing reality is that the very victims of gun violence, our children, will force change.


Ed Horn

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