More guns
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Dear Editor,

First let me point out that I understand the grief when you lose a loved one, especially at a young age. I was 17 when I lost my 20-year-old brother, and I know how it destroys a family when a loved one goes to work but never comes home again.

Unfortunately, the murdering of school children has become the standard way that an insane person can get his moment of fame, but what can society or the governments do to stop it?

In grief and frustration, the relatives cry out for the government to do something and the only thing that government can do is pass a law, but how effective are laws? Isn’t there a law against killing already?

There are many of laws against murder, but there are thousands of murders every year; there are many laws against rape, but there are thousands of rapes every year; there are many laws against stealing, but millions of dollars are stolen every year.

I can fill a page of examples like this, but I guess you got the message.

Laws are a warning to bad people that if they get caught they will pay a price for their evil deeds, but bad people are incapable of fearing a law.

Today, we rely on the police to protect us, but that really doesn’t work. Good people don’t carry guns, but the bad people do. If a bad person were to walk into any school or restaurant, who would stop them from shooting people?

Police usually arrive after the shooting is over. The usual job for the police is to capture the killer and get them punished.

If you want to protect our children you must do it with guns. The trouble with society is that society doesn’t want to face reality, and the reality is that only a person with a gun can stop a bad person from killing our children.


John Procida

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