Girl Scouts Troop 4413 Sets Up Shop at Trylon Vet Care
by Michael Perlman
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Third-graders from Girl Scouts Troop 4413 partnered with Trylon Vet Care at 68-60 Austin Street on March 11 for their first Girl Scout Cookie Pop-up Store. In less than three hours, the entire supply was sold out.

“The best-selling cookies were Thin Mints and Samoas,” said Valentina de Leonardis.

“I liked being a cashier and a mascot outside, since you got to persuade everyone,” added Bea Hollwick “It was enjoyable to see the customers buy cookies, an all the money that we get from selling cookies goes to where we live.”

In March 2017, Troop 4413 and sister Troop 4940 donated $100 worth of cookies to Trylon Vet Care, and the proceeds from their sale were donated to an animal shelter. Trylon Vet Care advertised this past weekend's event on their website and Facebook page, and Troop 4413 distributed flyers at their school.

“These young ladies are the future business owners and workforce in our world, and it's our pleasure to be able to provide them with the support they need to learn and grow,” said Trylon manager Karla Wallach.

Wallach also recognizes how community events emphasize the need to preserving small businesses, especially after a wave of recent closures.

“We want to stand out as a place that gives back and is involved with not just the pet owners in our area, but with all families and events that will strengthen the neighborhood,” she said. “We can let people who may not have heard about us get to know our hospital, and that by supporting our business we can be around to provide the community with similar events in the future.”

Troop 4413 earns 65 cents for every box of Girl Scouts cookies they sell, This year, they plan to donate $50 of the booth sales to a local animal rescue group that works with Trylon Vet Care.

Chloe Gordon-Zolov: “Today was fun, great, and challenging,” said Chloe Gordon-Zolov. “It’s important to help other people and donate so they can get things that they may not have.”

“The girls also use their cookie rewards to go on a trip as a troop to bond and learn new skills,” said troop leader Annie Siu-Lin added. “Cookie rewards also enable donations to a charity of their choice, such as the military, hospital cancer units, Our Lady of Mercy Food Pantry, Forest Hills Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Gallop NYC, Project Linus, Forestdale, and animal shelters.

“It makes me feel happy that I can go through the activities in each level as a Girl Scout,” said Julia Lin. “One of my goals when I am older is to sell a thousand cookies.”
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