More Missions, More Transplants
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From March 27th through April 1st, 2019, Zara Realty’s Subraj Foundation embarked on yet another mission to guyana to offer free eye screenings, and distribute spectacles to thousands in need.

88 Corneal Transplants were conducted, and 2,300 pairs of glasses were distributed in Guyana late last month thanks to The George Subraj Family Foundation.

Within a six-day window, three eye care clinics were performed in the three counties of Guyana.

The team conducted of members of the George Subraj Family Foundation, and the Georgetown Public Hospital of Guyana (GPHC).

The George Subraj Family foundation team members/coordinators are Subraj’s wife, Gloria; children: Tony and Jasmine and his close friends: Jay Jainarine and Richard B. Mahase; a family that is proud to give back to their country of origin.

The GPHC team consisted of ophthalmologists, nurses and optometrists who volunteered their time during the clinics.

“Many of these clinic participants had their eyes tested for the first time,” said Head of the GPHC Ophthalmology Department, Dr. Shailendra Sugrim.

“Some of these patients were found to have uncontrolled diabetes and hypertension because the team also conducted blood pressure and blood sugar testing,” Dr. Sugrim added.

“These patients were then educated on how to manage their medical conditions,” he said.

The last day of the eye clinic, Dr. Sugrim shared, also consisted of an ophthalmologist and optometrist from the Woodlands Hospital. 

Accompanying the team, too, were students of the University of Guyana’s School of Optometry.

It was a great learning experience for students, and a blessing for participants of the free screening,” Dr. Sugrim added.

The following is sourced from Kaieteur News:


Last December, the Subraj Foundation also worked closely with Cornea Specialists, Dr. Joseph Pasternak of Washington, and the Lions Eye Bank to procure emergency corneal transplant tissues. There was a one-eyed patient, developed an infection of the cornea, and was about to lose his only seeing eye.

According to Dr. Sugrim, “Tony Subraj, President of the Subraj Foundation, acted immediately to buy and transport the desperately needed corneal tissue immediately to Guyana to save the patients only functioning eye.”

This relationship with GPHC was started by the founder of the foundation – the late George Subraj. 

The foundation, on an intermittent basis, continues to assist with the provision of corneal tissues for sight-saving surgeries at GPHC. 

The GPHC Ophthalmology team was trained by US-based Corneal Specialists to perform these surgeries independently.

Reports suggest that corneal transplant patients have continuously been expressing their gratitude to the Foundation for giving them this opportunity to have their surgery performed here in Guyana than overseas.

Dr. Sugrim said, “Patients would usually have to travel overseas to have these procedures performed.”

Meanwhile, at a small ceremony held at GPHC Sunday, the Subraj Foundation donated three ophthalmic equipment to the GPHC Eye Department. 

These equipment, Dr. Sugrim said, include a table-top tonometer and a hand-held tonometer which are necessary equipment that aids eye care professionals to test the intraocular pressure [eye pressure].

The third equipment is a Corneal Topographer – an instrument that scans the cornea and aids in diagnosis of corneal diseases and also in management of cornea patients after cornea transplant surgery. 

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