A KNicks renaissance or just more draft futility?
by John Jastremski
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May 14, 2019, is a date Knicks fans have had circled on their calendars for quite some time.

It’s the first of a few important dates this offseason, but the NBA Draft Lottery specifically has a chance to set a new tone, for better or worse.

The possibilities are endless. In one corner, it’s bliss. In another corner, it’s more futility for a franchise that has seen plenty of it.

The Knicks have had plenty of chances in the draft lottery the last few seasons, and for a majority of them they have struck out in a big way.

The lottery is not an exact science, and some years the event is going to mean a lot more than others.

Well, 2019 is one of those years.

Why’s that? Zion-freaking-Williamson.

We all witnessed Zion Williamson’s domination of the college game in his one year at Duke.

His dominance in college basketball has presented this larger-than-life figure and a talent that would electrify Madison Square Garden.

There is also Ja Morant, the lightning quick point guard out of Murray State.

Morant is exactly the sort of guard that has been missing at 31st Street and 7th Avenue for a long, long time.

The Knicks being in a position to land a top-two pick would be my dream scenario to start the offseason.

Wiliamson or Morant would not only provide the Knicks a real beacon of hope for the future, they would also help dramatically in recruiting free agents this offseason.

The presence of Williamson or Morant makes the Knicks more appealing, but they could provide value in a potential trade to land another superstar player to, dare I say it, put alongside Kevin Durant and whoever his “Robin” may be, whether they ar named Irving, Walker, or Butler, for starters.

That’s not the route I would go. I would prefer to see the Knicks have a young, talented piece alongside two max-stars.

Why? That way somebody like Zion Williamson or Ja Morant could take the torch from Durant, and there could be long sustained success for a franchise that has stunk for the better part of two decades.

That is the dream scenario, but sadly there is the worst-case scenario to consider as well.

The Knicks have almost a 60 percent chance to end up with the fourth or fifth pick.

It’s not to say you can’t land a top talent, but the odds are not nearly as much in your favor considering the hype around Williamson and Morant.

The Knicks picking at either of those spots will only add to the doom and gloom around Madison Square Garden.

That could lead Kevin Durant to going to a different team, and the franchise will continue to be stuck in the mud.

It’s unfair to jump to that conclusion just based upon one draft selection, but that’s life as a Knicks fan.

The last two decades have taught you to expect the worst: Marbury, Stat and Melo, Linsanity and KP6.

There have been phases, but those phases haven’t led to consistent winning.

I hope we can look back on May 14, 2019, as the night when the fortunes of the Knickerbockers franchise changed for the better.

I hope it is a night of euphoria, I hope it is the start of something.

The Knicks haven’t done a whole lot of winning, will the draft lottery officially start to change that narrative?

Stay tuned.

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