Boy's 14 & Under Championship: Variety 64, Globo Gym 45
by Thomas Sanchez
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Variety 64 Globo gym 45

On Thursday July 16, in the championship game of the 14 & under boys division, Variety beat Globo Gym by a final score of 64-45. It was the play of Nhoel Deveoson that was outstanding, providing great for Variety, as they pulled away and never looked back for the win. The high scorers for the Variety were Austin Johnhuggins with 20 points and Isaac Alan with 18. The high scorer for Globo Gym was Matt Francaviglia with 16. Karl Kouakou also contributed in the winning effort team through rebounding.

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July 29, 2009
I arrived for the following game, the 17 and under finals game between RIP Robert Ogle vs B&G Variety with my family. Within minutes, the gym got overwhelmed by a very bad crowd cheering for Variety. Their language in the stands was so very vulgar, that we had to move our seats to avoid confrontation. They were actually telling B & G to beat up RIP team while playing on the court. At the start of the second half, the B&G Variety "fans", proceeded to taunt RIP team. The Variet group then decided that wasnt enough so two of them stormed the court while the game was in session to fight the RIP team which just stood there confused. There was absolutely no security at the game and the poor referees who both looked over 60 years old, had no chance to control this crowd. At the end of the game, the Variety fans were walking onto the court looking for trouble and even interrupted the moment of silence for Robert Ogle by laughing and making jokes about the incident. Many people were very concerned that no security was supplied by Queens Ledger and felt in fear of their life. These variety teams have entered our queens tournament, not to enjoy themselves and show respect but to intimidate, harrass, and terrorize anyone that dares look at them. As if this wasnt enough, the B&G "crowd" threatened the RIP team that they would wait for them outside after the game. This is no way to conduct a Tournament in the spirit of "heroes". We know its easy to say yes to any team to join this league, collect their fees, not check dates of births, schools they attend, and then show no reponsibility and respect to the other teams and their families. In fact one player on 17 and under B&G team had a 6foot 4 player, weighing 250 pounds with a beard. What checks do you do to ensure that everyone if of proper age?? This man looked to be about 20, and was looked like a Father playing with his kids, while throwinf thm around like rag dolls. Shame on the Heroes League and Queens Ledger for not ensuring that this league is safer and secure for their teams and their families. If B&G continue to be allowed into the league, we will withdraw all other teams from the league and B&G can play against themselves and take their trophies back to Brooklyn where they are from. Many teams and parents will not join next year if this team is allowed back in. This is a very serious issue where our children were threatened to the point where we almost called the police to McClancy to ensure us getting into our cars safely after the game. You should be ashamed of yourselves for inviting B&G into the tournament and then taking no security measures to ensure everyone's safety. These were no fans, they were thugs who rode in to intimidate and steal what we all thought was a "local" league with kids fom the neighborhood in Queens. Another wonderful league ruined by the greed of money to just allow anyone into the tournament. Queens Ledger and the Heroes league...this was not your finest hour, thats for sure!!!