Criticizing A Standard in the Prosecution of Criminal Acts
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Dear Editor:

White collar crime can no longer be a slap on the wrist offense. When people lose their homes and are on the street while the perpetrators make billions, a horrific crime has been committed. Although these people never shot anyone, how many of their victims suffered stress induced maladies? I am sure some people had fatal heart attacks and suffered from deep depression over their plight.

I have an answer to this problem. We should gather up all the CEO’s, Presidents, Vice-Presidents and upper management who reaped billions in salary and bonuses for raping the system. Then we give them all Italian last names. AIG’s Maurice Greenberg will become for example, Maury Annuziata. Perhaps Lehman Brother’s Richard Fuld will change his name to Richie Costello. The feds will immediately rush in and invoke the RICO (Racketeering Enterprise) law. After all, the federal government only uses RICO on wrongdoers of Italian descent. The defendant’s rights will quickly evaporate and conviction will be a slam dunk. The feds will then confiscate all the defendants money, cars, houses and worldly possessions. This will pay for the $700 billion bailout.

These criminals who graduated from the finest universities in this country can’t possibly claim they didn’t know what they were doing. From top to bottom, everyone was involved and made big money. They engaged in theft, embezzlement and securities fraud. This all under the RICO statute. Lets see the feds do their job.


Keith Piacente

Forest Hills

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