Vallone Senior Missed The Mark By A Mile
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Dear Editor:

If there was ever an argument to be made in favor of term limits, the pompous, elitist, power hungry, egotistical tripe of an op-ed piece last week by former Council Speaker Peter Vallone Sr. is it. How lucky that all we all are to have these self anointed chosen ones to lead us brain dead minions to the promised land of utopia.

According to Mr. Vallone, the people voting (twice!) on an issue is just the opposite of citizen engagement. I think someone must have been watching Alice in Wonderland recently.

By following Mr. Vallone’s logic, if Barack Obama wins the presidential election, it should not count because he has way more money than John McCain. Mr. Vallone cries crocodile tears and says that the anti-term limits supporters could not fight fairly because of a billionaire supporting the fight for them. The people must have been stupid enough to vote for term limits, twice, only because a billionaire put a spell on them.

In his piece, Mr. Vallone also says that 1993 and 1996 was decades ago. He says there was scant debate at that time. Is he kidding? I’m not sure about his memory but mine is still working fairly well, and there was plenty of debate, unless of course what he means by debate is threatening and/or fooling enough people to see things his way or Czar Bloomberg’s way.

I also see that Mr. Vallone is counting on the minions of revisionist history taught drones to buy his nonsense about our Founding Fathers being against term limits or a people’s referendum unconstitutional. Do these words sound familiar? “To petition the government for a redress of grievances”. Not to mention, none other than George Washington, thought that more than two terms was a bad idea. I believe he may have been one of our Founding Fathers. But of course we need Mike Bloomberg more than we needed George Washington.

Mr. Vallone also asks, “If we had to make to order such a leader, could we pick a better one than Michael Bloomberg?” Is this a trick question? All this nonsense about how great Bloomberg is. Just what has he done, exactly? A true leader does not live by the motto, “I have money, screw the rules”.

Mr. Vallone also says that experience and seniority is an absolute necessity in any legislature so term limits is ridiculous. 37 members will be term limited out, but that still leaves 14 experienced members, over 20%. Then Mr. Vallone also states that the voters will have a choice anyway to vote members out of office. Let’s say the people voted out the entire legislature and executive, will we then need to have an election do-over to get a more experienced result?

This nonsense may work on those who have no clue about how arcane, archaic and bordering on illegal the election laws are, but anyone knowing anything about the election laws and how they are made for the incumbents and by the incumbents will not buy this nonsense. Until these horrible election laws are changed we must have term limits, as the people have already stated, twice.

I was originally an apprehensive supporter of term limits but over the years I have come to conclude that term limits are needed for all elected officials, from City Hall to Washington D.C.

Mr. Vallone wants me to urge my city council member to support our city. To late, she voted as one of Czar Mikhail’s 29 Ministers and now I will do anything necessary to see her unseated, just as the other 28 ministers and the czar himself all need to be removed.

I don’t have billions to get into this fight with the mayor, but what I do have are my fellow citizens who are mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. I will vote for and support anyone, I don’t even care about their political persuasion, that runs against Bloomberg, any of his 29 cohorts and any of those who should be term limited and voted no but run again anyway.

Diamond Mike, Dynasty Pete, and your entourage of 29 self-serving cowards, remember us, the people, we will rise again, and this time you won’t be telling the peasants to eat cake.


Tom Brock


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