Fantasy Football Focus
by Adrian Carrasquillo
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On Sunday I was minding my own business, casually keeping up with my casual league and my casually drafted team, when I saw that Donovan McNabb not so casually ate some turf and hurt himself. I play in an archaic league with two quarterbacks and I happen to be ok because I have Joey Flacco coming off the bench for me. If you need a quarterback in the wake of McNabb’s injury my recommendation is Flacco if he hasn’t been scooped up. I’d also recommend Jason Campbell whose upcoming schedule is very favorable. He’ll certainly hold you over until McNabb is back. If you are in a deep league and McNabb went down and you’re scrambling to get someone just in case McNabb proves to be out longer than he and the team think I’d suggest picking up Jeff Garcia and Michael Vick. The Eagles signed Garcia yesterday and he should start in the next week or two and Vick is the long-term play. He was in jail a long time and he will be rusty but if he is 90% as fast as he used to be, he will still be the fastest QB in the league and his arm was never, ever in question. It will be a matter of being accurate and getting used to the speed of the game again.

Tips and Observations

1. The Steelers running game is in trouble. Willie Parker looks washed up. On the bright side they still have the best defense in the league.

2. Jake Delhomme might as well start cashing in the social security checks - his career is over. Carolina is in trouble, they don’t have playmakers on the outside aside from Steve Smith who seemingly shows up some seasons and not others and with no QB, defenses will stack to stop the running game. Looks like a tough year for DeAngelo Williams.

3. Carson Palmer and the Bengals looked terrible against a bad Denver defense. The first few weeks you can hide a lack of talent with a good scheme, so either the Bengals got outcoached on offense, or they lack talent, or (most likely) both.

4. Jay Cutler was last seen pouting like a little boy as he realized that he needs wide receivers. The Bears have no one like Brandon Marshall or Eddie Royal on the roster. But if Eric Bennett is available in your league - pick him up. Cutler loves throwing to his favorite wr. last year in camp he said it was royal, and he had a huge season. this year he said he loves bennett, and he threw his way a dozen times in the game, forcing throws. bennett could be a great addition in a points per reception league.

5. Drew Brees and the Saints will be this year’s truly high octane offense. They looked great and while it was against the artist formerly known as the Lions, they scored at will. Their defense should be improved since its going to play with the lead for the majority of the games.

6. The Cardinals are going to chirp back to mediocrity. The running game, the O-line and Boldin didn’t look so hot and the 49ers were able to outmuscle them all game long.
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September 28, 2009
great call on the cardinals. that team overachieved last season, and the offensive line looked terrible last night against the colts. when are teams going to realize that winning starts up front?