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by Adrian Carrasquillo
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Brian Stabler
Brian Stabler
From the British Royal Navy to the Buenos Aires Herald, from the merchant navy to loading ships and securing cargo in New York, Brian Stabler has lived an eventful life. And so it was in looking for meaningful challenge after retirement that the worldly Stabler decided that the most important thing he could do with the rest of his life was save helpless animals and help them find good homes.

“You can only paint your house so many times,” Stabler says in his British accent. “After three times you wonder what else there is you can do.”

So he began volunteering with North Shore and he hasn’t looked back since.

“Having an animal is a very rewarding experience,” he said. “So many live miserable lives, but a companion animal needs love and attention. They’ve truly been our best friends for 20,000 years all the way back to the cavemen.”

And Stabler sees himself doing it indefinitely. “The animals are the natural friend of man,” he said. “They offer complete devotion. That’s what motivates you.”

Stabler said that some people are bad owners but the economic situation across the country has made things worse. “It’s been aggravated because people are losing their livelihoods,” he said. “Having to move to cheaper homes and apartments means that they may not be allowed or able to keep pets.”

He believes landlords could help by being more animal friendly, because Stabler knows how important animals can be to some people.

“I live with my wife so I’m okay, but some people are forced to live alone,” he said. “A companion animal can give someone a reason to live.”

He also praises an initiative by Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“The Mayor’s alliance is an umbrella organization that has combined 40 to 50 shelters so that they can coordinate their efforts,” he said.

Stabler said that he really feels like he is doing something for animals who have no voice, and is involved with all of North Shore’s offsite mobile adoption events in the city.

“Not everyone will go to the shelters so this brings the animals to the adopting public,“ he said. And he even gave away a closely guarded trade secret about the mobile adoption events. “Kids are often very successful in persuading their parents. Kids and animals go together. They’re a perfect match.”

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