Will our Alex Keaton reference be lost on them all?
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What the hell is going on in the Queens political scene?!

First – seemingly out of nowhere – the Republican Party is able to get three – three! - members of the GOP elected to the City Council. In a City Council that has historically been overwhelmingly controlled by the Democratic Party, it's nothing short of a minor miracle that the Queens County Republican Party was able to get three candidates on their line elected. In the past, they were lucky if they were able to get one person on the City Council.

Now the madness is spreading.

Last week, the Queens Young Republicans Club held their first meeting in years on the campus of St. John's University. That's right, a whole generation of new Republicans who will be completely lost at all of the Alex Keaton references we are dying to make, so why even bother?

Yes, there is something strange afoot in Queens, and we can't just chalk it all up to backlash at Obamacare or the intoxicating beauty of Sarah Palin. No, there is definitely something much more behind all of this GOP love in the borough of Queens.

If you'll let us hypothesize here, we think the Democratic Party itself is to blame, but not for the reasons you might think. It's not national policy that has turned our youngest minds to the party of elephants, at least not those who have political aspirations of their own and dream of one day holding public office.

The problem lies in the cronyism of the Democratic Party. Want to run on the Democratic line, well then you better get in line. First join a civic and stay active for at least five years, then if you're lucky you'll get elected (read anointed) a district leader, which means that you'll get to spend your evenings canvassing neighborhoods knocking on doors and trying to get signatures for the people who are actually running for public office.

If you dutifully do that for ten years or so – don't forget about joining your local community board, that's a good political resume builder, as is hours and hours of self-serving community service – and then, maybe then, it will be your turn to run on the Democratic line, that is if the person currently holding the office you covet doesn't decide to vote to overturn term limits and run again, in which case it would be in bad form to challenge them in a primary.

Or, you could just run as a Republican – they're always looking for candidates – and New Yorkers like to be unpredictable, and either just for fun or to make a statement, they'll buck the trend of voting for your Democratic opponent, and – voila! - your an elected official!

That's the fastest way to public office, and what's in a label anyway? Good luck, young bucks!

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