Pol Poz ready to make a Love Connection
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Hey ladies, are you feeling lonely tonight? Been looking for Mr. Right, but just keep ending up with unambitious losers who can't seem to hold down a job? Well, you're in luck!

According to a New York Post article on Monday, the city's most eligible bachelor is officially back on the market. That's right, former State Senator Hiram Monserrate has dumped the girl he professed to love, the same one he pled guilty to slashing across the face with a broken glass which led to his expulsion from the State Senate, and is now testing the waters in the dating pool.

Sure, Monserrate said once that he and Karla Giraldo would like to get married, but apparently a restraining order that makes it illegal for Monserrate to be anywhere near Giraldo has been bad for their relationship. Personally, Pol Position has never been convinced that long-distance relationship can work out – even one of 500 feet - so we're not surprised that the lovely couple is now headed for splitsville.

Monserrate's newfound freedom apparently came to light earlier this month when he attended a private party on Central Park South earlier this month and began unknowingly hitting on a New York Post reporter, and apparently every other girl there that night.

According to the report, Monserrate was trying to woo several ladies with promises to take them to see Iron Man 2 before the blockbuster left theaters. If that doesn't scream romantic to you, then maybe your mother and friends are right – you're standards are too damn high!

While we mentioned before that you are probably sick of dating unemployed men who live with their mothers, rest assured that just because Monserrate was handing out his old State Seante business card with the numbers crossed out and his new digits penciled in, doesn't mean that he is clinging to his old job and has no intention of seeking out gainful employment. No, if anything it shows how comfortable Monserrate is with himself – he's not ashamed to be out of work right now, and he doesn't care who knows it!

Take it from us, if Pol Position knows one thing, it's that Monserrate will be right back out there running for the next available seat in his district, and if you get on that train now, you'll be up there on stage standing next to him when he makes his concession/acceptance speech, and we've no doubt you will be the lucky lady that he thanks for making it all possible.

So stop sitting there feeling sorry for yourself ladies...put away the Sex and the City DVDs and put the Ben & Jerry's back in the freezer (unless you're a little on the thin side, according to the article Monserrate likes his women with a little bit of junk in the trunk) and give Hiram a call right now!

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