Turner needs support, not civic lesson
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Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter in response to Mr. Seltzer’s “ Bob Turner Needs a Civics Lesson” (Letters, September 16). It seems to me after reading Mr. Seltzer’s letter that he is for free speech as long as the speech being used agrees with his views.

I have heard Mr. Turner speak on many occasions and have always found him to be sincere in his views on issues concerning problems that are affecting us as a country and as working class American citizens. His views on fighting to lower taxes and cut federal spending to promote job creation and strengthen our economy are two of his main focuses.

I agree with Mr. Seltzer that there needs to be a lesson, but it should be a history lesson. Our constitution in Article I states that there shall be a Congress consisting of a Senate and House of Representatives. The two remaining branches are the Executive and Judicial, mentioned in later Articles.

The reason the founding fathers insisted on these branches of government was to allow for checks and balances, in order that no branch or person was more powerful than the other. All were equal.

The House of Representatives was established so that ordinary citizens have a voice in government as well. The reason I mention this is because this is the office that Mr. Bob Turner is a candidate for. He is running against Mr. Anthony Weiner for in the 9th congressional district.

In my opinion, our system of checks and balances is fading away, and we the people no longer have representation in government.

Mr. Turner has lived in our district his entire life. He has raised 5 children and has 11 grandchildren. He was a successful businessman in the television industry, not a career politician.

He knows what it takes to balance budgets and meet payrolls; he’s proved it his entire career. It’s called experience. As a family man, local resident and small business owner, I have confidence that this “rookie politician”, as Mr. Seltzer calls him, is the right candidate.


Jeffrey Vineski

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